February 2017 Bangkok Thailande

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February 2017 Bangkok Thailande

Street 2

After a difficult landing in the aéroport of Moscow and some delayed of my plane, I arrive finally on Bangkok 🇨🇷 and Wooow.! What a sweet and pleasant atmosphere here! You just feel like the air around loves you. Make a big difference with our bitter cold in France. 🇫🇷


So I’ve spent two weeks as a volunteer in a very nice guest house in the center of Bangkok. And I recommend warmly this place if you want to make lot of encounter: Siam Journey

Was a first time for me, and I really did have a good time there. The work was really cool and I learn quickly the job of business accommodation .. It was for me a real boot camp in English language, every time there is someone on the common room from every country and you start to learn English with all the accent possible and imaginable..😜

We did some nice trip in the city steer by some experts of Bangkok, thanks Kate, Santa and Skakatch! 🙂 So not need to check the maps at every corner like in every of my travel.

My food’s spending has overcome my regular budget of 50€\80€ because there were too many tentations! So I just start to make a emergency plan and I’m on 1€ by day. Yes happiness is not about how much we spend money, but about how we deal with ourself. 😉

The best part here was probably the people which I meet here: Jerry, Kate, Anita, Skakatsh, Josh, Santa, Valerie, Turak, Jeremy, Cherra, and all the nice guests thanks all it was a real pleasure to meet you all and we really had a good time together!🙏 ขอบคุณ ครับ (Khôp Kuhn Krap)

Party !

Now I’m planify if seriously my next trip, normally Cambodia 🇰🇭 if nothing new happen.. And more than 700km in hitching, will be all an adventure especially under the sun ☀️ !

I just made a new bag special hitchhiking and autonomous with tent and sleeping bag less than 9kg. So let’s see what is hitchhiking in South Asia!




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