Davy Jones: The Student-Passenger

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Hello and welcome !
I am a traveler who had decided to leave for the adventure since two years with almost nothing,  I have created this website to share my techniques and ways to:

  • Live and be free in the respect of oneself, of others and the Earth
  • Traveling with the less dispense possible
  • Get the most excellent health possible
  • To be the happier possible
  • Rise one’s level of consiousness

I had so classify in several categories what I learn and study and realise bateau-a-voile-navire-mer-montagne-coucher-du-soleil-orange-189282-1during all my différents trips. It’s about field that concern: the understanding of the body, the improvement of oneself, the observation of the inside and the mastering of the sense.

This website has for goal to:

  • Share the results and the fruits of my experiment along with the best content of my reading.
  • Make to possibility to share plans with others people who are also on a way to heal themselves and care about this planet.

To be clearer, I had classify my idea in différents categories. I used the symbolical of the 7 sevens chakras to a more estetic and practical side:

7 Chakras-voyageur

Here are a details about what they contain:


Travel: All about tools, tips, materials staff for traveling everywhere in the easiest way.

Health: Here, everything which concern experiments about alimentations, sleep, sexe and hygiene of life.

Mind:Improvement of thyself, concentration, mémorisation and différents system to study and understand better the human véhicule.

Love: Article about surpassing the little ego by Love, enhance consciousness beyond the mind.

Creation: Our capacity to influence by our state the world.

Alignement: Meditation and subtiles way to rely ourselves to our True Being.

The Self: The Gate of All Mystery
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Davy Jones