February 2017 Thailande Cambodia 1/4 A Tough Hitchhikking Session

February 2017 Thailande Cambodia 1/4 A Tough Hitchhikking Session

Left from Bangkok, The Goal: Reach the Island of Koh Totang in the South West of Cambodia


Session Hitchhikking inThailand

A very tough session of hitch-hiking to cross Thailande and Cambodia. And a nice distance also, approximately 700km.. With also an incredible warm and where nobody speak English, sometimes even not a word. I had so to used my thin vocabulary of Thaï. Add to this, most part of the véhicules are taxis and bus and so nobody stops for me . So I have to admit that I took a bus from Pattaya to make easier my task.


Hopefully there’s a god for hitchhikkers, true story

Yet.. the good vibration was not on the appointemenet this day .. a mistake of communication has bring me on the road for 200 km more on the North that on the previously bordeland. ( the one, the more on the South of Cambodia).
Getting in a van far and far from the desired place and asking myself how the hell I can do to change my way from this small bus.. Hopefully, I received somes helps, a kind Thaï man who was speaking somes English tell me a place on the road where I can grasp an another bus.

No Couch Surfing = A night outdoor!

stop - thailande -chanthaburi

Hard to find a quiet place in the middle of the agitation of Chanthaburi

stop - nuit de hors - thailande

Not so terrible for sleep but the nets were sorely lacking

Finally I arrived during the night in the Thaï border-city of Chantaburi.. I eat my sole meal of the day, a watermelon with somes mangoes.. Completely ripe for one time ! I finish to get sleep on a park for children. My night was just stoped somes times by mosquitoes and by an another man who was apparently accustomed to sleep also on that place..
On tomorrow, I cross the borderland without too much problem, excepted that I get most probably ripped off of 15$ by the guard of Cambodia.


A nutrition which goes down the drain

On this road and since Bangkok, I was every day on a different kind of regime.. From vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, Hydric Fast and Dry Fast then again somes food with Gluten, Diary or even a soup of paws’s chicken to even somes raw volaille although the avertissement I received. It’s a little long to explain why after 4 years of végétarisme, I take again some meat, but It’s true that it don’t help to stay in peace, especially if you eat a little too much..

Koh kong

Bus Station of Koh Kong

However it liberates me completely to juge anyone, and it’s so easy to get trapped again in the cycle without end, to eat dense food, get bads emotions and to know why…
I have now a very big consideration for the Himalayan monks who eat somes meat and yet, get somes high states of consciousness just by the fruit of their discipline and meditation.
Also, I think I understand much better the cycle of desire and my immunitary system.. The good things is that the body is so powerful or rearrange the things if you don’t eat.. I really have to write an article about this.. So many people are so lost about the real reason of illness..

Jasmine and Clint Eastwood

Escaping the 1000 tuk-tuk and motos who wants to take me for a round, I finally found Jasmine, a girl from Lyon in France in a road trip travel also and with a huge and incredible enthusiasm. We made an interminable Auto Stop Koh kongchassé croisé to find each other but without find the way to join us earlier. We planned together to go make this voluntary work on the Island of Koh Totang. A another night to sleep under the stars on the beach.

Clint Jeep

The good Clint in his Jeep !

Tomorrow after the meeting of two nice German traveler Roy and Pauline, we obtain the help from the brave Nick. A kind of Clint Eastwood driving a Jeep from the Vietnam’ war and who’s already made 5 times around the world. He gently takes us the morning at a strategical place where we found a way for crossing the natural parc of Koh Kong before the harbour to join the island.

Koh Kong - Stop

A little roots but it drives pretty nice

To come back about the adventure, we found a way for crossing the naturalparc (more than 70km of long) with a very strange highway with 6 way built by Chinese for an awkward resort project.. and so we finally arrive to the harbour of Kiri Sakor where we get a little board to reach the island of Koh Totang

In conclusion, I lost more than one feather in this battle and I am impatient to lick my wounds, get back among the clouds to see more clearer my compliquated way in life.


For sum-up:

  • Hitchhikking is hard in Thailand
  • The train is the cheapest way to cross Thailand
  • There is no fixed price about the visas on Cambodia, don’t get ripped off, stay straight and say that you only have the right sum of money.
  • The bridge between the borderland of Cambodia and Koh Kong is not free and cost 3$.


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